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Animals Home initiates massive tree plantation campaign in Jodhpur City

One of the objectives of AH is to protect the environment and to fulfill the objective AH initiated a massive campaign for planting treesacross Jodhpur City. The campaign has been well received by the citizens of Jodhpur and it is through their participation that the campaign will be able to truly succeed. AH has contacted residential development societies who would be responsible for the upkeep ofthe plants in their residential areas. Every household will be responsible for taking care of the tree planted outside their house. This would not only foster mutual trust and co-operation, but will also help in generating environmental awareness.

If you or your residential society may be interested in participating in our campaign, kindly contact AH. To know more about the flagship project click here.


Animals Home proposes inovative way to reduce food wastage.

Jodhpur central Jail houses over 1200 inmates and everyday each inmate is given 9-12 chapaties (Indian Bread) along with lentil soup and a green vegetable. Majority of the inmates are unable to consume the food and it goes waste. AH proposed that the extra food may be transported to the AH shelter where it could be used to feed the 700 strong dog population.

For the implimentation of this project AH plans to sign a MoU with the Jail authorities according to which it would reimburse the money for the food and this money would be used for the welfare activities in the Jail.