Shelter Address
Behind Ramdeo Petrol Pump
Soorsagar Road, Jodhpur
Rajasthan – 342001
Mobile : +91-93517-71222,

Office Address:
“PREM VILLA”, Ganesh Gali
Khanda Falsa, Jodhpur
Rajasthan – 342001
Mobile : +91-93525-64840,



Animals Home is non profit making organization established by a group of people who have a mission and passion for eradicating cruelty against animals and render medical aid to ill and wounded animals. The society is registered under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958 as amended by Act 17 of 1995. The society is also registered with Animals Welfare board of India and has been approved for taking donations both in national and international currencies and all donations in India are exempt from Income Tax under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act.  

The main object of Animals Home is to render medical assistance to sick animals and fight against cruelty to animals. At present the Animals Home operates from Municipal Dog Pound at Jodhpur which was taken over by AH in 2002 and since then it has been responsible for taking care of over 700 stray animals and other sick and wounded animals, like donkeys, camels, horses and cows.

Our History

The Municipal Dog pound at Jodhpur was a place where stray dogs which were caught by the Municipal Corporation, Jodhpur were kept without any provision for food, water or medicine. The only hope was the food which was donated by the citizens of Jodhpur. Without any management or a proper mechanism it was a concentration camp where the poor dogs could only wait for their death.


Julie’s Arrival and the Renaissance

In 2001 a retired German nurse came to jodhpur and established a shelter at Boranada to give free medical assistance to stray animals of Jodhpur. Subsequently as soon as she came to know about the Municipal Dog Pound she approached the Municipal Corporation to allow her to adopt the dog pound. After a battle of almost six months and upon the intervention of eminent people like Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, Mr. D. R. Mehta (Former IAS), His Highness Maharaja Swaroop Singh Ji, and other kind hearted people she was finally given the permission to stay and work at the Dog pound. Within days the work began. A place which was haunted, was in shatters and had taken thousands of lives of animals suddenly transformed into a shelter where animals were treated with compassion and all due care was taken to ensure that each and every animal had access to food, water and medicine.

Within a few months many animal lovers joined the mission and this gave a boost to the activities at the Municipal Dog Pound. The team got itself registered as a trust in the name of Animals Home Public Charitable Trust and received donations from AWBI and various other bodies from all across India. 

Julie’s Demise and Problems at Animals Home

 In 2004 Julie who was 74 years of age passed away in Jaipur because of Cardiac arrest. Her death was a huge setback for AH. The pace of the mission gradually decreased and many members who were a part of AHPCT either left the city of parted away from the trust.

The sole responsibility of carrying out the truse was now on the shoulders of Mr. D. R. Mehta, Mr. Ganpat Sand, Dr. (Maj.) R. S. Bansal & Mr. Sudhir Sharda . The day to day activities were carried out by Mr. Sudhir Sharda, Mr. M M. Soni along with Bhim and Raju who had come along with Julie to Jodhpur. The state of affairs deteriorated and AH almost came to a stand still with only regular activities being carried out and scarcity of funds haunting the remaining members every day.

Public Interest Litigation

In 2005 two students of National Law University having keen interest in animals welfare activities were shocked to see the poor state of affairs of AH and the inconsiderate behavior of Municipal Corporation, Jodhpur. They started writing letters to the concerned authorities to bring about a change and ensure that the provisions of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and various rules framed there under were complied with. But it was shocking for them to know that the local authorities were least concerned with this and merrily went about violating these laws. Under such circumstances there was no other option left before them except approaching the Hon’ble Rajasthan High Court. A public interest petition in the name of Manmeet Singh Rai & Anr. v. Union of India & Ors. was filed and the bench of Hon’ble Mr. Justice N. N. Mathur and Hon’ble Mr. Justice R. P. Vyas admitted the petition. Thereafter the petition was put up before various division benches of the Rajasthan High Court. Many interim orders were passed and finally in December 2007 the petition was finally disposed off with directions to the State of Rajasthan and Municipal Corporation Jodhpur to comply with the provisions of Law within six months.

The Effects and the Revival of AH

With the orders and strict vigilance of Hon’ble High Court the authorities came into action and medicines and construction activities began at a large scale at the Dog pound. The officers took interest and made sincere efforts in coordinating with the petitioners and the members of Animals Home.

At this juncture another question arose what next? The members of Animals Home Public Charitable Trust requested Mr. Manmeet Singh Rai to become a member of the trust so that effective measures could be adopted and a new direction be given to animal welfare activities.

From Animals Home Public Charitable Trust to Animals Home Society

It was proposed by Mr. Manmeet Singh Rai that a new entity be formed and the work at Animals Home should begin afresh which was approved by all the members and the trust was dissolved granting all its movable and immovable assets to the newly formed ANIMALS HOME SOCIETY………………………..