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Padma Bhushan Shri D. R. Mehta

Mr. Mehta was born on the 25th June 1937 at Jodhpur in India. A top bureaucrat, is a law graduate who also studied at Royal Institute of Public Administration, London (UK) and Alfred Sloan School of Management, MIT, Boston (USA).

Shri Mehta entered the Indian Administrative Service in 1961. He has held several key level positions both in Govt. of Rajasthan and Govt. of India. He retired from active service as the Chairman of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the Regulator of the capital market in India after holding this post for seven years upto 2002. Before that, Shri Metha was the Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India and the Director General of Foreign Trade, Govt. of India. Still earlier he served the Government of India and the State Government of Rajasthan on various important key assignments.

On the social side, Shri Mehta set up, in 1975, Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti, Jaipur, an NGO, which provides, free of charge, artificial limbs, calipers and other aids and appliances to the handicapped. In the last three decades, the Society, of which Shri Metha is the Founder and Patron, has benefited around 9,00,000 handicapped including those in 18 other countries.

Shri D. R. Mehta established the Prakrit Bharti Academy, a cultural and literary organization. The Academy has already published 200 books, some of which have been reviewed all over the world. Shri Mehta is also running a center for the leprosy patients and is also serving as Chairman of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi (Rajasthan), which is a branch of Gandi Smarak Nidhi at the national level. The organization works for propagation of Gandhian ideas, Harijan uplift and support for leprosy patients.

Mr. Mehta is also interested in environmental issues and animal welfare. He has been associated with Animals Home since its inception. The Animals Home Shelter owes a lot to Shri Mehta for his continued support and co-operation without which the shelter would not have seen this day.

Shri. Prem Chand Bhandari

A social worker who contributes tremendously towards different projects. He is also a successful entrepreneur and is presently residing in New York, USA. His association with AH is very old and he has always been a source of inspiration for AH.



Shri Ganpat Sand, President (Businessman)

Mr. Ganpat Mal Saand was born on 23-09-1950 at Jodhpur in an industrial family popularly known as SAAND FAMILY. Shri Ganpat Mal Saand is son of illustrious Shri Umed Raj Saand popularly known as GOVERNMENT SAHEB. After completing his schooling, Shri Saand soon started his industrial career. His family was already involved in textile dyeing and printing business at small-scale level.




Shri Saand gave the business a face-lift by establishing hand processed textile industrial unit way back in the year 1968-69 when industrial activity in the city was at nascent stage. Shri Saand took the initiative to take the industrialization further ahead by setting up first textile power process house of Rajasthan in the year 1979 in the name of Umed Textile Mills Pvt.Ltd.  This was the first major step in textile industrialization of Jodhpur. He took textile industry to new heights and now Jodhpur-Pali-Balotra is hub of Textile Industry.

 Apart from setting up of his own textile industry, Mr. Saand has been the front runner in articulation of interest of the industry. He laid foundation of Jodhpur Textile Hand Process Association, a mouthpiece of textile hand process industry. He remained president of the association for long time.

 Mr. Saand was the first one to address environmental problems caused by textile & steel industries. He was instrumental in setting up of Jodhpur Pradushan Niwara n Trust which set-up Central Effluent Treatment Plant. He is the founder trustee of this trust and remained managing trustee for number of years. He is actively participating in the proceedings of the trust.

 Apart from his industrial achievements, Mr. Saand is equally devoted towards religious and social activities. Mr. Saand hails from Jain Family and has been actively working for religious cause of the society. He remained President of SHRI VARDHMAN STHANAKWASI JAIN SHRAWAK SANGH, Mahaveen Bhawan, Nimaj Ki Haveli, Jodhpur. The centre provides space and platform to Jain monks to spread religious sermons to the society. Centre also provides free meals facility to the downtrodden. Jodhpur is one of the main cities of the THAR desert and used to face regular famines and droughts few years back. Shri Saand took the initiative to address himself to this particular problem and formed AKAL PIDIT BHOJAN VYASTHA SAMITI under the banner of AASTHA PARIWAR. He worked for this cause and ensured allotment of land for setting up of a kitchen, where subsidized meals would beprovided to persons irrespective of creed and religion. Free meal services are provided to the patients at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Mathuradas Mathur Hospital and T.B. Hospital everyday. He is founder President of the samiti and holding the post since then.

 Shri Ganpat Saand worked with number of association anonymously and has been a popular personality in the society. Result being that he was elected as President of the Oswal Singh Sabha, apex body of the Jain Society in Jodhpur, for a period of 3 years and worked tirelessly in his tenure. He initiated number of activities for the welfare of the society.

  Shri Saand has a kee interested in welfare of animals abandoned by their owners. He joined the company of like-minded persons in extending financial help to meet daily food requirement of these destitute animals and has been supporting AH since last two decades. Mr Sand has been an inspiration and the catalyst in ensuring that progress of AH is smooth.


Sh. S. R. Mehta, Vice President (Businessman)

An industrialist by profession and a social worker by passion, has been constantly contributing generously in all the streams be it for animals, humans, under privileged students, etc.

He treasures a vast experience of life which speaks of his contribution towards society. He has rendered help in all possible ways, from stray dogs to cows, children to aged. Always keeping himself behind the curtains he has been a pillar of success for several nation wide social activities and his contribution to all living beings is incredible.  Since past many years he has been ensuring daily feed for the monkeys in remote areas of Jodhpur city, proper care and safety for Dogs, cows and other sick and stray animals at the Animals Home.

His activities were duly recognized by the Government of India Several times. He has been part of various organizations which are dedicated for social welfare. He is in his early seventies but the dedication and passion still remains same for the social service which was a a few decades ago.


Dr. (Maj.) R. S. Bansal,  (Technical Director)

Born on 24th November, brought-up at Ajmer. Completed schooling in missionary from class 1st – class 11th at Ajmer (St. Joseph and St. Pauls upto 1967). Graduated in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry from Veterinary College, Bikaner in the year 1974. Dr. Bnsal was awarded a gold medal on account of being first class throughout the course. Thereafter he completed his post graduation from Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana (securing first position).


Served the Indian Army (The Corps of Remount and Veterinary Services) as a short service commissioned officer w.e.f. 1976-1987. He was released as Major in February 1987. During his tenure he was mostly associated with horses, cattle and dogs.

Dr. Bansal then served the Rajasthan State Govt. w.e.f. 1987-1997 in the Dept. of Sheep & Wool and Sheep & wool Federation.

Dr. Bansal fortunately met Sh. D. R. Mehta, IAS in 1990. Sh. Mehta “The Legend” as Dr. Bansal calls him was was dedicated for the poor, needy and handicapped. Sh. Mehta was also actively involved with taking care of stray animals and it was upon his persuasion that Dr. Bansal started visiting the Dog Shelter at Jodhpur. As Dr. Bansal was posted at Jodhpur he started providing veterinary services to the sick animals at the shelter.  He also ensured that there was adequate food and water for the animals at all times.

Dr. Bansal then joined the National Research Centre, as Farm Manager at Equine Production Campus at Bikaner in 1999. After joining the services under the Govt. of India at Bikaner daily visits were not possible to the shelter but still Dr. Bansal made sure that he visited the shelter atleast every fortnight. During his visits to Jodhpur he apart from rendering veterinary services also met municipality officials and appraised them about the deficiencies at the shelter. He also ensured that there was a constant supply of emergency drugs available at all times at the shelter dispensary.

In 2002 Dr. Bansal met Ms. Julie who had been staying in India since last 15-20 years. He was really surprised to see a woman as dedicated as Ms. Julie working for the stray animals. The shelter improved tremendously and had almost taken a new shape. Dr. Bansal sincerely believes that by maintaining and providing the best medical assistance and a decent meal to the stray animals one could pay homage to the departed soul of Ms. Julie.

Dr. Bansal has always been a source of inspiration for the shelter and has always stood by during the darkest hours. Dr. Bansal acknowledges the constant and untiring suggestions of Sh. D R Mehta, financial help provided by Sh. Ganpat Saab, Sh. Dhariwal, Sh. Sudhir Sharda and Adv. Manmeet Singh Rai . Dr. Bansal also thanks all other people who have been donating medicines, food or assisted during the vaccination programme which has helped the Animals Home Society achieve a lot for animals.    


Mr. Manmeet Singh Rai,
(Hon. Secretary

Born on 9th November, 1983, Manmeet is a graduate from the National Law University, Jodhpur with his specialization in Constitutional Governance & Litigation. Throughout his academic pursuit he has excelled and his mooting skills are commendable. Mr. Rai was the first student to win a national competition for the University.

He was also the first to represent India from the University at the world finals of Louis M. Brown Client Counseling Competition and Inter-American Human rights Moot Court Competition at Washington D.C. Manmeet has represented India at various international mooting competitions all across the globe.

He has also published articles on emerging issues in law in reputed national journals and has also presented papers at various seminars and conferences. Mr. Rai has also done Judicial Clerkship for Hob’ble Mr. Justice A. K. Mathur, Judge,  Supreme Court of India and Hon’ble Mr. Justice R. S. Chauhan, Judge, Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur Bench.

Manmeet has traveled widely and has interned with various organizations including UNCTAD. He successfully filed a public interest litigation for ensuring that various animal welfare laws are implemented before the Rajasthan High Court and argued the matter personally. Manmeet accomplished all the above mentioned achievements before he was 23. From an early age Manmeet has been inclined towards fighting against cruelty to animals and his passion for protecting animals against cruelty has helped him achieve a lot for animals.

He is a lawyer by profession and was offered jobs by various reputed national and international corporate houses and law firms. But as Manmeet himself puts it across “litigation is my first love”, presently he is a practicing advocate at the Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur.


Sh. Murli Manohar Soni  ( Hon. Joint Secretary )


Born on 11th November 1965. As a child Mr. Soni had an inclination towards learning technical things because of which he ventured into many technical arenas. He has mastered the skill in designing gold and silver ornaments and at the same time is skilled in working with wood and different metals.

In 1983 Mr. Soni cleared his higher secondary and then in 1987 graduated in Bachelors of Commerce after which he began his professional journey as an LIC agent and within a short span of time made remarkable achievements in this field. In 1995 Mr. Soni was awarded with the young millionaire agent award and since then every year he has been awarded with one award or another for his outstanding work and achievements.

Because of the inspiration derived from his father Mr. Soni has been associated with Animals welfare from childhood. He played a very vital role in the field of animal welfare because of which he was nominated as the Joint Secretary of Animals Home Society. Mr. Soni has acted as a catalyst in carrying out the aims and objectives of the Society.    



Sh. Sudhir Sharda, (Hon. Treasurer)

Born on 20th March, 1976 in Jodhpur.

After losing his father at a very young age Mr. Sharda made the dreams of her mother come true when he was awarded a Gold Medal for securing the first rank in M.Com in Accounting from Jai Narain Vyas University. In the same year while helping his mother run the family he successfully obtained a professional degree from ICWA ( Cost and Works Accountant) in the first attempt.  

Sudhir has been associated with animal welfare work since past many years. He helped Ms. Julie to lay the foundation of the shelter, establish the shelter and provided her with necessary help from time to time. It was with his vision that Animals Home public Charitable Trust was formed and the animal welfare work was coordinated for the first time. He has also been in touch with many animal welfare organizations all across the country and has ensured that all the organizations get benefited from mutually sharing the huge knowledge base every organization possesses has by virtue of its practical work. He has also successfully implemented many ideas at AH which were either adopted from other organizations or were the result of his own brain. He has also contributed immensely towards implementing new innovative ways of feeding, capturing and housing animals which are cost effective, safe and above all less cruel.   

Sudhir devotes full time towards the animal welfare work and has been doing so since past ten years. His passion and dedication towards animal welfare was highlighted when despite of his mother being admitted in a hospital at Bombay he continued to devote the same time towards the shelter and also took care of his mother.

Being an excellent student and possessing distinction in his graduate and professional degrees he was offered jobs in metropolitan cities with tempting salary packages, but because of his passion towards animal welfare, attachment with the shelter and the promise made to Ms. Julie he opted to stay in Jodhpur. He presently is a very successful entrepreneur and is regarded as one of the best youngest entrepreneur’s of Jodhpur. He is carrying out the work of shares, insurance and mutual fund under the banner of Marwar Investment which has grown many folds in the last few years.    


Ms. Eva Katharina Waha

Ms. Waha meet Ms. Julie in 1996 and since then has been supporting the work of Animals Home. She is a nurse by profession and works at a Hospital for treating Mental diseases. She promised Julie before Julie’s death that she would be constantly monitoring the work at the shelter.


Ms. Waha visits India every year and stays at the shelter during her visit to Jodhpur. She has contributed tremendously and also is an ambassador of Animals Home in Germany.   

Ms.  Anita Kolb

Ms. Kolb works for a publishing house as a Foreign Rights Manager. She is a graduate in Business Management and has been actively associated with Animal Direct, Göppingen, Germany since past many years. After she meet Ms. Julie during her stay in India from 1993-2000 she has been associated with Animals Home. With one vision in mind i.e. to help suffering animals she has been contributing immensely towards achieving the objectives of Animals Home.