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Animals Home and Corporate Engagement Programme 

AH works closely with multi-national corporations, national companies and small- to medium-sized businesses to identify, design and implement alliances that leverage the strengths of the corporate sector on behalf of the animals.

Opportunities include efforts driven by multi-faceted partnerships, strategic philanthropy, cause-related marketing initiatives, employee-giving programmes, special events, greeting card sales, and support of emergency appeals.

By working together, companies help to support AH’s programmes and emergency relief efforts as well as advance awareness campaigns on issues vital to animal welfare.

Multi-faceted partnerships

Partnerships with companies take on many shapes and forms.  They range from collaboratives on programme initiatives to partnerships that highlight and promote action on specific issues to campaigns to raise awareness and build support among stakeholder groups that advance AH’s mission.  All partnerships are characterized by a shared agenda, mutual respect, and a leveraging of each organization’s respective strengths.

Corporate Philanthropy

When a company supports the work of AH through a grant, contribution or provision of in-kind assistance, it not only helps raise awareness about animal welfare but also helps and supports work at the ground level in rescuing and ensuring immediate reporting against cases of animal cruelty. At the same time it also strengthen the corporate image, demonstrate the corporate’s  commitment to social responsibility, boosts employee morale, and promotes positive customer relations.  Strategic philanthropic investments in AH have great impact, for the scope and reach of AH and its expertise in issues important to animals is unparalleled.  Often companies will complement their philanthropic efforts with other efforts in support of AH involving their marketing and communications departments.

Cause-related Marketing

Signature cause-related marketing programmes allow a company to offer consumers the opportunity to support AH with their product purchases. Linking a company’s sales campaign directly to AH is an effective way for a brand or product to engage consumers, boost sales and enhance its corporate image. When AH is the beneficiary of a cause-related marketing activity, it receives either a percentage of the retail price or a fixed amount negotiated with the company.

Consumer-fundraising initiatives can also be developed with AH, whereby corporations engage their customers to support AH either through direct-cash purchases or other innovative customer campaigns.

Employee Programmes There are many innovative and effective ways employees can be engaged in supporting AH’s work.  Some include e-philanthropy campaigns, online giving, automatic payroll deductions,  and employee matching gift programmes.

WHY Animals Home

AH offers corporate partners a unique opportunity to align with the  leading and most respected animal welfare organization to ensure the health, safety, and protection of all animals.

Recognizing that the private sector can be an important partner in addressing problems related to cruelty against animals and raising awareness about animal welfare on many levels, AH enters into alliances with companies that are characterized by shared agendas that leverage each organization’s collective strengths.

The most successful corporate partnerships are multi-faceted and integrated into a company’s public affairs, philanthropic, marketing and communications strategies. There are many ways to shape a high-impact partnership. Activities may range from sponsoring international, regional and national events to developing multi-stakeholder partnerships to investing in multi-year grants that support AH’s core programmes.

By partnering with AH in cause marketing, corporations can build brand awareness, enhance retail, client and customer relationships, and increase sales and market share.  Strategic grants and contributions can support programmes aligned with the company’s interest and core competencies, involve employees in several ways such as through giving and matching gift programmes, and leverage gifts in-kind. 

AH can offer communication and PR support through the following assets: well-known Ambassadors and Supporters of AH; global and national communications networks, websites, donor magazines, and mailings.